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      This brand was built on the simple belief that you can achieve anything you want to in this lifetime. 

      All to often we decide to fall into the patterns and routines of society. We grow up being taught to stay in line, and obey our authority figures. We grow up idolizing the people and imagery sold to us on television.

      Fuck that. 

      Yes, I was the kid who skipped class. Yes, I was the kid who “goofed off”.
      I was the kid who realized that I could accomplish more outside of the box than I ever could in it.
      I didn't need to base my life on somebody else's.
      All too often we rely on the guidance of others to lead our lives. We become complacent.

      Wake up, and realize the potential you already have inside of you.
      I know this message will come off differently to every person who reads it.
      At the end of the day, I spent 7 years of my life putting off my dreams just to get a piece of paper that might open some doors.

      You don’t need to open doors, because that only means there are walls around you.
      Kick a hole through those walls and get to your dreams on the other side.